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Door Knobs, Levers and Deadbolts

Door Knobs, Levers and Deadbolts installed. If you are remodeling or replacing existing knobs, levers or deadbolts Adirondack Lock Doctor can help. We can remove the old hardware and install the new including rekeying the locks so that one key will open everything or certain keys will open certain locks.


Deadbolts are a great way to add security. Deadbolts can be installed and keyed to match existing locks. Push button deadbolts are available that do not require keys or batteries. Just punch in the code. Adirondack Lock Doctor carries a line of heavy duty deadbolts and mechanical push button deadbolts.


Rekeying is a quick and easy way to secure a newly purchased home or business. Not knowing how many duplicate keys are out there and who might have them is a real security concern. Rather than replacing existing locks they can be rekeyed at a fraction of the cost.

Master Keying

Master Keying consists of keying a lock so that more than one key will operate the lock. Master keying can add convenience where different levels of access is needed with multiple locks. Master key systems can be designed with multiple levels so that groups of locks can have master keys and that all groups have a grand master key.

Restricted Keyways

Restricted Keyways are standard type locks that use a key blank that is only available from specific Locksmiths and dealers like Adirondack Lock Doctor. Restricted keyway keys cannot be duplicated at the hardware or big box store. If the level of security you need requires that only a certain number of keys exist a restricted keyway is the answer.


Safes are a great way to secure items at a commercial business or home. Adirondack Lock Doctor offers two lines of quality safes. If you currently own a safe that needs service or a combination change Adirondack Lock Doctor can help.


Padlocks are used to secure many items in different places creating a large collection of keys in the key bowl or drawer. Adirondack Lock Doctor can provide padlocks keyed alike reducing the number of keys needed. We can also provide padlocks that will operate on your house key and can be rekeyed if needed in the future.

Antique Locks

Antique Locks add to character and originality but can be problematic. Adirondack lock Doctor can assess the condition of your antique lock and in most cases can provide replacement springs and parts.

Push Button Locks

Push Button Locks provide security and easy access. Adirondack Lock Doctor carries several mechanical, no batteries needed, push button locks including knob locks, lever handle locks, latch locks and deadbolts.

File Cabinets

File Cabinets are a convenient way to organize important documents. Many times the file cabinet keys get lost. In most cases new keys can be made from the code on the lock or the lock can be replaced.

Keys Made

Keys made for locks without keys. In most cases keys can be made for that deadbolt or lock that doesn’t have a key.


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